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Sinalunga retains the charm of a medieval village, located at the top of the hill overlooking the new town. The country, which has all the basic necessities but also many opportunities for recreation and culture, like its vibrant theater and many monuments, surrounded by the Tuscan countryside famous worldwide by its hills, the woods , vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees.

Located at 47.6 km from Sinalunga. Extraordinary city where past and present mix together, where tourists forget the modern world to immerse itself in the fourteenth and fifteenth century.

Located at 42.1 km from Sinalunga. In the heart of a fertile land rich in fruit, cereals, vineyards. The old town stands on a hill, walking in his ways, the tourist finds pleasant views of the city and its surroundings.

Located at 99.5 km from Sinalunga. Prestigious city of art, the birthplace of Dante and the hart of Italian language, situated on the banks of the Arno is surrounded by beautiful hills illuminated by an amber lights, which has inspired the greatest painters and writers of the past.

Located at 28.2 km from Sinalunga. The Etruscans, Romans, Goths, the Grand Ducato of Tuscany, left to Cortona the artistic and architectural evidence of their passage. Land of artists and faith is built on a hill full of olive trees.

Located at 22.9 km from Sinalunga. Built with a wonderful harmony of style, is a perfect example of urban renaissance, born from the desire of Pope Pius II to build an ideal city.

Located at 38.4 km from Sinalunga. Located on a hillside preserves the fortress of the thirteenth century, famous also in the world for its red wine: Brunello.

Located at 62.5 km from Sinalunga. Famous city rich in history and monuments, famous for one of the oldest University built in Italy , stands on a hill over the Tevere Valley.

Located at 83.2 km from Sinalunga. The artistic charm of this area stems largely from spirituality related to Sent Francesco, a city of art and medieval-looking still intact. Its located less than two hours away from Rome and even the coast of Maremma is easly reachable (110 km max) due to its location on a street in the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by its green, with its stone cottages and bricks, and many medieval countries.